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Thanks For Visiting Our Newly Designed Website.

Since Air charter concept has been always limited to elite/business sections of the society , Our goal was  to bring an informative, welcoming and user friendly platform to showcase the fabulous Flying machines whether Fixed wings, Rotary Wings or Hot Air Balloons currently flying in the country, to masses at large,also.

So, There’s a lot to look around here and to enjoy the pleasurable sights of beauties of the sky, be it Falcon, Boeing or Cameron Hot Air Balloons & many more, and last but not the least, Super exciting Skydiving which is now available in India, check out in SKYDIVING FOR YOU section.

And Just in case You want to connect directly with the Operator of specific Aircraft ,just hit the CONTACT FOR CHARTER button , fill in the details and your query goes straight on the table of Air Operator who deals directly with you to give you the best price quote.

As an Air Operator you may email us at info@avico.in for listing your aircraft’s sale purchase requirements , if any, and also, may checkout under OUR SERVICES tab for any desired service e.g Aircraft Insurance , Flight Crew training or even how to start your own Air charter Company or buy a small private 4 seater aircraft e.g Cessna 172 which may be available for as low as Rs.50 lakhs in the used aircrafts category to new one costing approx Rs.3 Cr, operating cost around Rs.11000/- per hour for your personal leisure or business use…We have the guidance & assistance all available under one roof.

Under SALE/PURCHASE OF AIRCRAFTS section , the available aircraft for sale is displayed and on hitting ENQUIRE NOW button, the query goes straight to seller who directly deals with you for the best price.

Finally, We love talking about Aviation as much as we love being in it.

Wish you a wonderful time on this site…

Capt. Rajesh Sahae

Ex.Senior Flight Operations Inspector DGCA, Ex Jet Airways, Ex Indian Airlines

Boeing 737-200,300,400,500,700,800,900,

Airbus 300,320, Boeing 787, Learjet 45

Founder & CEO,