Our Services

1. Aeroplane/Helicopter/Balloon Charter Requirements

2. Consultation on Procedure For Leasing of Aircrafts

3. Consultation on Aircraft Insurance Requirement

AVICO Consultation under this section would be your small investment towards reaping big benefits against your aircrafts & crew insurances etc.Taking into account the age of aircrafts and experience of crew and various other factors the most economical and relevant quotes are generated and submitted to operator for his further deliberation, negotiations and discretion directly with insurance companies concerned.

4. Consultation on Flight Crew Training

5. Consultation on Cabin Crew Training

6. Consultation on Flight Operations Related Requirements

7. Consultation on Airworthiness Related Requirements

8. Consultation on Procedure to Obtain NOC to set up AOP/NSOP/CARGO Operations

9. Consultation on Foreign Pilots Clearance

10. Consultation on Import Of Aircraft Procedure

11. Consultation on Issue Of New Air Operator’s Permit(Scheduled,Non-Scheduled,Cargo)

12. Consultation on Preparation,Issue/Revision of Operations Manual,MEL& Other Required Manuals

13. Consultation on Pre Audit Preparation.

A V I C O urges all Air Operators to comply with all Aviation Rules & Regulations at all times.

14. Consultation on Special Operations Approvals i.e.RVSM,PBN,EDTO,NAT,HLA,etc.

15.Consultation on Business Plan/Procedure To Set Up Scheduled/NSOP/Cargo Operations.

16. Basic Flight Operations Inspector Training. A Two weeks course covering ICAO,EASA,FAA & Country specific requirements. (Only Available to Regulatory Authorities).

17. Skydiving Related Query

18. Consultation on how to set up aviation organisation

19. Consultation on Preparation of folders towards certification/recertification/induction of aircraft